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Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat is a cool little shop in Peterborough, New Hampshire. Actually, it feels a lot like a gallery or museum, except you can touch the thousands of handcrafted items from around the world.Our challenge was to create a website that expresses the depth and breadth of the inventory, as well as all the history,magic, heart and spirit of the people behind this remarkable store.



Grace Electric

Grace Electric is a young, dynamic, growing company. But their website was dated, and entirely too modest. The client wanted a website that matched their accomplishments and abilities. We created all new pages, going light on the text and heavy on the photographs, to show off their range of projects in New Hampshire and Massachusetts: schools, medical facilities, factories and large housing complexes, including solar installations. The new website is clean, professional, confident. We set up the pages so the client can easily add new projects as they complete them and secure professional photographs. The site will continue to grow with Grace Electric, Inc.



Robin Oliver

Artists are busy creating, but fortunately Robin took a little time out from her painting and travels to work with us to create first-ever website. The text is minimal, the design simple, so as to let Robin's art shine. We've developed this so Robin can easily add more work to her portfolios and in the future we can readily add on additional pages and functions.



Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats

After years of having a generous volunteer build and maintain their website, this nonprofit decided it was time for a professional makeover. We built pages that reflect the energy and mission of this organization, and added Paypal and online registration to streamline their formerly all-snail mail donations and program management.



Piper C. Reason - Career Coach

This client was starting a new business, having left her staff position of many years. She knew she needed a professional website to reach new clients and to be taken seriously.

Piper knew what she wanted to say, but needed help packaging her message for web readers. We organized Piper's ideas, finding just the right words to explain how she helps people find the perfect job. Because she was motivated and organized, we designed, developed and launched her site in less than two months.




NH Business Blog

This website is dynamic, handling multiple bloggers-- some posting several times each month. While the programming had many layers, the navigation and usability is easy. Registration and Paypal features included.




Massin Insurance Agency

We developed a website so customers in all the states they serve could easily find them.
The new site delivers practical information as well as the assurance of professional and personal service, with requests for quotes just a click away. We added a page where the President of the company answered insurance questions ranging from coverage for dog bites, to antiques and floods. This company is friendly and easy to work with and so is their new website.




Peterborough Clinical Associates

Although they had well established practices, this group of therapists realized it was high time they had a website.
We delivered  a website that introduces each therapist with an attractive portrait , and text that explains their services in a crisp, friendly tone. Visitors are given all the information necessary to take the next step toward working with Peterborough Clinical Associates.




Easton’s Mars

Franchise owners have the benefit of regional or perhaps even national or global name recognition. A corporate logo, website and maybe some brochures. But there can be a downside to franchises too. Some customers don’t want to go to the big guys; they don’t think of franchises as locally owned. That’s a problem we love to solve.
Alan Easton found his corporate website wasn’t helping his small business. We’re working on his overall branding so southern New Hampshire knows their man from MARS is Alan.
Before and after photos show how Easton’s Mars saves customers time and money on auto reconditioning repairs.
Local advertising points readers to his website and brings him new customers that he never would have gotten from the corporate site.      



Your Life Your Way

Nancy Bishop, Life Coach

Nancy had a website which is certainly better than no website. But she’d completed more training, added workshops and been hired by a college to do some staff training. She realized her old pink and lavender website didn’t present her quite right.

Her goal was a clean, professional website that reflected her personality and unique approach to coaching.  Did we have any ideas? When she explained a cup of tea is always present at her coaching sessions, and balance is a goal, we quickly settled on the stack of tea cups for a visual to tie the pages together.  

Working closely, we created a new site that explains Nancy’s services and commitment to help women find balance and joy in their lives.



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