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Why Publicity?

Much of what I know about publicity comes from my years as a photographer, magazine picture editor, and later as the founder and executive director of a nonprofit. I believe in the power of words and pictures.

Just weeks after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the gulf coast in August 2005, I was deployed by the Red Cross to Mississippi. My experience there, led me to found the nonprofit Mississippi Home Again. We helped people get back on their feet, so they could take care of themselves again.

By photographing and writing stories about the people we helped and those who still needed help, we were able to bring millions of dollars worth of appliances, beds, building materials and skilled labor to struggling residents.

My New Hampshire hometown newspapers published regular features as did the Mississippi newspapers and radio and television stations. This helped the national media find us on the internet which lead to stories in People Magazine, ABC World News, the Associated Press, The Boston Globe, Bay Windows and dozens of other outlets.

This publicity produced partnerships with larger nonprofits, private and corporate donations and grants. It also inspired hundreds of volunteers to come down and hang sheet rock, pound nails and do anything that needed doing.

When I returned home to New Hampshire in 2007, I began working with businesses and nonprofits to tell their stories and reach a broader audience.

Publicity works.

-Annie Card
Creative Solutionist



Betty J. Borry Breast Cancer Retreats

After developing two logos, two brochures and a website makeover, we began a publicity campaign. Newspaper  and on-line feature stories pointed readers to the BJB website for more information and to register for their upcoming Adventure Weekend and seasonal retreats.

Each media placement created another web presence which was multiplied many fold as it was shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking platforms.




Small Business


Affirm Water, Loudon NH

We love working with Annie!  She has a  knack for getting to the heart of things and then taking that information and  making it newsworthy. We're grateful she really captured our story,  then made the right contacts so our story appeared in  print for the world  to see.   

- Alicia and Tina
  Affirm Water, owners

Two moms, concerned about the devastating environmental impact of the bottled water industry, launched a reusable bottle company with a positive message and a mission. Their goal is to reduce throwaway plastic bottles, by getting people to use tap water in reusable bottles-- one choice being their stainless steel Affirm Water bottles.

They had a website, but needed media exposure to drive people to it and educate them why reusable bottles make sense. A front page story in the business section of the Union Leader lead to a spike in online sales and nearly a dozen wholesale inquiries. Media placement gets results.




Rosaly’s Garden, Peterborough NH

Oldest organic farm in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Union Leader, August 2010

"We had people come to the farm for the first time because they saw the story in the paper.  Once people visit, we know they'll keep coming back. Annie's photos are beautiful. The story brought us lots of new customers. We're thrilled."

-Rosaly Bass, owner
Rosaly's Garden




Rosaly’s Garden, Peterborough NH

Oldest organic farm in New Hampshire

Just because her organic farm is the oldest and the biggest and even the best, doesn’t mean everyone knows about Rosaly’s Garden. Yes, she has customers who have been coming to her farm stand for more than three decades. Their kids and now their grand kids come every year to pick strawberries and blueberries, and can hardly wait until pumpkin time. Local restaurants serve her greens, tomatoes, herbs and squash.

But Rosaly Bass knows that’s not everyone. To remain sustainable, she works hard to attract new customers and keep the old ones coming back. Rosaly hired Annie Card Creative Services to contribute to her website makeover, brochures, and to keep her in the press. Because of our publicity efforts, her farm has become a destination for seasonal television and newspaper stories. Rosaly was featured in YANKEE Magazine’s issue “25 New Englanders You Must Meet.”




Robin Hill Farm and Summerhill Assisted Living, Peterborough NH

Businesses benefit from all sorts of partnerships. The public loves businesses that support programs that help others and simply make our world a better place. The key is to get these goodwill stories in the press.

Two health care businesses combined forces to help an Iraq War veteran with a traumatic brain injury find purpose and hope in his new community.

Twice a week, Mico Morin was driven from his home at Robin Hill Farm to his volunteer job at Summer Hill Assisted Living. There he delivered mail, set up a recycling program and visited with the residents. He said he felt lucky to have the time to "do something nice for someone else."






Avenue A Teen Center, Antrim NH

Volunteering is good for you. It can help you beat the blues if you're spending too much time alone. It's a great way to boost your resume, make contacts and use your skills if you're between jobs.

After a debilitating back injury, multiple surgeries and medication addiction, Ken Skrable found relief and meaning by volunteering at a teen center, helping young adults find success.




Greenfield Independent Volunteers--GIVers, Greenfield NH

Nonprofits that tell their stories throughout the year, see results. The more people know about an organization, the more they recognize and appreciate their presence in the community. Stories that spotlight an organization's volunteers, a particular project or other success story can prompt action: new board members, cash donations, volunteers or in-kind donations.

Retirement has Mary Ann Grant, 64, working harder than ever. And she loves it. Library fund raisers, food baskets at Thanksgiving, gardening projects and fuel assistance for neighbors challenged to keep warm through New Hamsphire's long winters.




New Ipswich PTA, New Hampshire

The moms who chair and steer the oldest PTA in the nation needed help. They wanted to get more parents involved if just to bake one batch of brownies a year, or volunteer an hour or two in the classroom.

And they wanted voters to know how important it was to give a thumbs up to the new school building bond. They managed to make all their points and garner support on every front.





Suicide survivors are those left behind when a loved one commits suicide. There is a stigma with suicide, a tendency to not talk about it, perhaps even pretend a suicide was an accident or something else.

Cilla DeHotman inspired survivors to come to her support group by sharing her own painful story in a newspaper story. Nonprofits get results by sharing stories that matter, stories that inspire action.

Your article helped promote our mission beyond the immediate community, which is very important to us and also to the Monadnock United Way. It also yielded phone calls from interested volunteers and survivors. We are grateful that this story increased awareness of The Samaritans.

We sincerely appreciate all that you do.

Carmen Trafton
Program Coordinator
The Samaritans




Kitty Rescue and Adoption, Jaffrey NH

Kitty Rescue and Adoption cares for  over 150 rescued cats, under one roof. They needed volunteers, in-kind donations and cash, and they just needed more people to understand what they do.

We have had a great response from the article. Lots of people wanting to volunteer. The greatest success came from  twin sisters who read the article. They celebrated their 13th birthday last week and instead of gifts they asked for donations to KRA. They raised $500. Just amazing.

Thanks again for your support, the article is really paying off.

All best,
Carol Gove
Kitty Resue and Adoption




Support 4 Sports Fund

This brand new organization raises money through various races to help youth and adults be active and challenge themselves in the outdoors.

Erin Lyons was launching her inaugural triathlon and needed to rally sponsors, volunteers and participants. Reluctant at first to be in the spotlight, Lyons finally agreed to our publicity proposal and carried her mountain bike into Cunningham Pond, where her triathletes would be swimming in just three weeks.

The photo shoot produced fun, dynamic photos of Lyons and the accompanying story inspired readers to get involved.

The newspaper publicity helped Lyons exceed her goals-- with over 100 participants, dozens of volunteers as well as donated prizes, food and beverages at the finish line.




Good Shepherd Nursing Home, Jaffrey NH

The best publicity is a story that matters, a story that resonates and warrants retelling.

This story gave the community a peek inside a place most only know if they've had to bring a loved one for rehabilitation following a fall, illness or an operation. It showed how much life and companionship is provided and gained by volunteering a couple of hours. These kinds of stories boost morale for staff and residents and inspire others to volunteer. It's a powerful side door approach to putting a feel good spin on a care facility.




Big Brothers Big Sisters, southwestern NH

Nonprofits all seem to know each other. They see each other at conferences, attend each others’ fund raisers and compete for the same grant money. However, the public often gets them confused and may not give credit where it's due, thus an opportunity is missed.

Compelling stories in newspapers and magazines, on radio and television can help make your nonprofit mean something to people. This story about a Big Sister who also played sax in the nonprofit's biggest fund raiser of the year, was a hit. It showed the power of the mentoring program and celebrated the success of its matches. Readers were inspired to volunteer as Bigs, and to support the fund raiser.




The Scott-Farrar Home

Assisted Living Facility, Peterborough NH

It can be hard for an assisted living community to look happy and vibrant, a place you actually want to go. But 11-year old Oriana showed us there's no place she'd rather be.

Once a week, the sixth grader walked from the school bus stop to The Scott-Farrar Home. There she would visit with Edna and Gordon, or any of the other 16 residents.

Inspired by Oriana, readers young and old called to learn how they could volunteer. Staff and residents were proud to be featured in such a warm light, and family facing the dilemma of finding a new home for a loved one learned that the Scott-Farrar Home is one big family.




The River Center

Peterborough NH

How do you get the word out about all the great things your favorite nonprofit does? Hopefully you have a website, maybe a brochure. Your board of directors are your ambassadors. And the people you help may spread the word.

But what about others who confuse you with another organization across town, or just don’t really know what you do?

Focus on one of your programs and tell the story so even an 8 year old can understand, and get excited about it.

At The River Center, Larry Schwartz is the Money Coach all year long, helping families make sense of their upside down finances, working with them to design a strategy that can create independence and calm. This story brought dozens more families to The River Center for free tax preparation.





Memorial Day Committee

Dublin NH

Without volunteers like Brian Barden, lots of things just wouldn’t get done in the little town of Dublin. He’s been putting flags on veterans’ graves for nearly 40 years. And he’s been the Fire Warden and a volunteer fire fighter that whole time as well. He helps residents through blizzards and ice storms and stops to change a flat tire when he sees the need.



Kitty Rescue and Adoption

Jaffrey NH

Stories get results. Stories about real people. Readers are drawn in and inspired to act. Some volunteer. Others donate money or badly needed items. And some join the board of directors or offer to write a grant.

These 13-year old sisters will explain why they told their friends, “No gifts for our birthday, please. We’d rather you make a donation to Kitty Rescue.”




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